taking my leave.

lets be melodramatic about this- pretend you can hear "vermillion part II" in the background.

so here's the thing.

i'm going to change diaries, but i'm going to sort of wander off on my own for awhile.

let me know if you're interested in reading when i'm ready. i always do this. always. the truth is that i freak out when people get close. & the people that read now actually know things about my life. i hate it. there has to be some sort of separation. details or feelings. you don't get both.

for awhile i thought i was just blocked here, but now i realize i'm restricted & its self inflicted. i'm sorry. i'm just not alright here.

feel free to talk me up on aim, myspace, etc. its all good fun. but for awhile, i need to shut down.

in other news, i seem to have come down with a severe case of slant rhyme. i don't know what thats all about.

oh well.

thanks - its been fun.

something to end on...this was me a year ago today.

- cue "melloncollie & the infinite sadness"

before & after